Friday, August 2, 2013

Rs 54,000 crore worth foodgrain wasted in country each year

It is startling but yet bitter fact that approximately Rs 54,000 crore worth of foodgrain and farm produce is wasted in the country each year. Contrasting visuals of rotting foodgrain and starving children are abundantly seen in most states in India. It can be termed as nothing less than criminal waste in a country whose government believes that Rs 27-33 is adequate for a family to meet its daily expenses.
Congress leaders Rashid Masood and Raj Babbar had recently created a storm of public anger and protest by saying a square meal in Delhi and Mumbai comes for Rs 5 and Rs 12 respectively.
Apart from enhancing productivity and production govt’s main concern should be minimising the Wastage. Approximately Rs 54,000 crore worth of grains and farm produce is wasted and plugging this hole in itself would be a great achievement.

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