Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Character v/s Reputation

“Character Is Made By What You Stand For, Reputation What You Fall For”

Simply stated – it is what we think of ourselves, the values we stand for and the definition of who we are as a person and the thoughts we resemble. It is about those things which matter the most to us and we are willing to go the extra mile cos it means so much to us and we relate to it so strongly.


This is simply what others think about us. We all like a little bit of publicity. We all like it when someone appreciates us for what we do and we would like to be known and celebrated for our good deeds. But it so happens that reputation is a binding factor whereas character is a much simpler aspect without many boundaries or limitations.
Character is what you do for yourself while reputation is what you do for others, for the society, for the people around you. It is what you want them to think about you. And it is not all true, is it?
Character on the other hand is simple plain truth, it is only for yourself and no one else. People at the receiving end don’t even get to see the half of it cos we can easily mask the distasteful aspects of character. But then what do we have to stand for – character or reputation?
Well, the answer is fairly simple, any 10 year old kid will tell us that we will have to stand up for character and we all know it too. But a part of being grown up is that we do expect the world to appreciate us and to an extend we do depend on it as well.
Don’t let the reputation rule you or define what you want in life and what your values are. You can’t care for people just cos the society expects you to. You can’t help someone in distress just cos your PR advises you to. These things are the ones which mean something to you and they retain their essence only cos you feel for it and do it accordingly. Not cos an idiot PR told you so. Reputation can be shallow but character goes beyond that.
It is deeper than that and more meaningful than that. Above all, your character is the true fibre of who you really are while reputation is what you want to be perceived as. It is as  simple as that!
10 Brilliant Quotes on Character:

1) Be more concerned about your character than your reputation cos character is what you really are, while reputation is merely what others think you are
– John Wooden

2) Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow, the shadow is what we think of, the tree is the real thing
– Abraham Lincoln

3) No change of circumstances can repair a defect in character
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
4) Character, not circumstance makes the person
– Booker.T. Washington
5) Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success
– John Hays Hammond

6) Knowledge will give you power but character, respect
– Bruce Lee
7) Character is who you are under pressure, not when everything is looking fine
8) Character is the result of two things – mental attitude and the way we spend our time
9) Character like a photograph develops in darkness

10) Success is always temporary when all said and done, the only thing you’ll have left is character
(Courtest: Vinay Nagaraju, INSPIRE99)