Monday, April 13, 2015

52%. Indians indulge in self-medication: survey

52% Indians indulge in self-medication

Over 52 per cent Indians indulge in self-medication, a practice bearing severe health risks and a trend that is increasing due to either time constraints or the perception of doing away with the doctors’ fees, as per a survey conducted by Lybrate, a doctor-patient end-to-end communication platform.

For the survey 20,000 respondents were reached out to in 10 cities across India and now, to take its fight to the people, the company has recently launched a nationwide campaign – Say No to Self Medication – to spread awareness about its ill effects. Un-prescribed medicines are known to make the body resistant to antibiotics besides causing heath problems.

In India, self medication undoubtedly is a big problem. People do not check with doctors before taking a pill in cases of minor health problems. They take medicines on their own, forgetting that this might have adverse effect on their health. Given the scenario, the launch of the campaign is a great initiative.

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