Friday, October 11, 2013

'India much behind China in agri innovations'

The Union government's implementation of the Food Security Act is a good initiative to eradicate hunger. But, the government is not clear on whether it will protect farmers’ interest, said Dr Raj S Paroda, chairperson, Farmers' Commission, Haryana. 

Delivering a lecture on “Addressing emerging concerns of Indian agriculture” here on Wednesday, Dr Paroda said that even in terms of the buffer stocks in the country, the Centre is not clear on the exact requirement of foodgrains for the underprivileged, who are the beneficiaries of the Food Security Act.

India has not done much in the field of agriculture innovation when compared to China. “India has done just over 250 innovations, compared to China’s 21,000 innovations. Even in terms of field allotted for protected cultivation, China has over two million hectares protected, while it is just 40,000 protected hectares in India,” he added.

Green Revolution in India is still a distant dream due to lack of appropriate policy on agriculture, institutional support and human resources,” he opined

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