Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lets say bye bye to PAWAR !

Congrats Mr Pawar on taking over the reign of ICC and NOW it is We, the common Indian people, humbly request you to pls relinquish the seat of Minister of Agriculture, Food supply & Consumer Affairs- GOI to give more towards your area of concern i.e. cricket and leave the Indian agriculture and food situation to its despair. Even after your 7 years of stint at the development ministry your contribution is minuscule and you always tried to milk the ministry for your own personal gains. "ICAR" has become the DEN of corrupt and inefficient people and "Krishi Bhawan" keeps on only the promises from the Sugar SAP to the issue of food inflation and the ensuing droughts and floods. Who does not know that you are paid handsomely by the Monsanto and many other Corporations for favour. But don't let the water go through the heads, otherwise you have to face the ire of the people on the every street, as witnessed in case of Bt conundrum, the only need is some JAIRAM.

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