Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seed woes

I was really perturbed to go through many of news pieces published about the Bt cotton seed scarcity in major production areas for the ongoing Kharif sowing season, except Punjab, where it has been priced at the highest MRP.

It is the open challenge from the private seed to the farmers and authorities that the situation is going towards hell. So even now if we don’t be enraged and awaken with this incident then the coming days would be worst and it would not be much different from the American corporate model where even a government is alleged to be run by the corporations.

Well before the kharif private seed suppliers has warned state governments that non-revision of cotton seed prices may result in the seed shortages in the upcoming season and so did it happened. It is clear case of cartelisation by the seed firms and inaction from the authorities is making the things pitiable.

Until NSC, SSSC, State Agri Departments and Agri varsities work in tandem for the cause of quality seed production and co-operatives are encouraged, it would be a distant dream to witness a seed secure India.

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