Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Waste of invaluable Human Resource

The looming crisis on the labour front is sure to slowdown the pace of farm growth, going much against the projections of government and planning commission. It is mainly the launch of the UPA’s much ambitious welfare scheme MNREGS which brought the dark cloud over the dwindling availability of manpower for agricultural activities, as under the scheme they are paid much without undertaking any worthy work.

This is creating a huge force of unskilled human resource to Indian rural scene which is ultimately going to harm our cause of faster and sustainable development as enshrined in the 12th Five Year Plan. Not much effective work has been taken up and it is just work and rework situation created by the administration in the name of creating employment. NREGS is nothing but a instrument of scoring political mileage for govt. and it fruited well for the UPA which returned to power solely on the back of it in 2009. But by and large, it has been observed that there is rampant corruption across all the states and thus it is just heading towards a cancerous growth of inefficiency and wastage of human resource.

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