Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Chak-de India" style win for the Hockey men's team...

The Semis b/w England vs India started on a good usual note and some good feeling after first GOAL from Indian side, then mum for some time, but the rival team equalled the score just before the half time. Initial 2nd half witnessed continuous 2 goals from the visiting team and the pressure, surmounted the redemption from Indian side. And the Home team pounced back with 2 field goals (all other GOALS (3-England & 1-India, are scored of penalty) within the time interval of last 10 min to end. Thus the levelled scores led to 3-3 by the completion of the stipulated time. Extra time of 15 mins, was unable to yield anything for both the sides. The final decision referred to Penalty Shootout for the possible outcome and lo, it is victorious INDIAN team, backed on the shoulder of Bharat Chhetri and all the penalty shooters, scoring 5/5 against the 4/5 of the rival.

Great performance added with team-work yielded the feat, other than Chhetri's extraordinary game save...

Jai Ho!

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