Monday, July 5, 2010

Politicians drama put People and Nation at loss

Idiotic politicians are nothing to offer and never bother about the Unstoppable price rise, which a common Indian is facing since last 2 yrs. Are they sleeping since last 2 years? Declaring a strike over the issue, they have done nothing good but a huge loss of a full working day that too Monday for a major section depending on daily earnings and it’s a complete hands to mouth for them. But is the govt given any thought to the private sector employees, business people and workers engaged in un-organized sector for their livelihood and always at receiving end for the sins that they have elected you to be nuisance to the society. This population constitutes a bulk and almost many of the times of the sarkari babus and so called govt employees. Unlike this corrupt league which amasses huge money coffins all the time and also ask for salary revisions, almost every year or two with the formation of newer pay commission. For this matter too the shameless Netas stands very much united without a single veto, irrespective of their party, region, ideology etc. So even after all these Why such a NAUTANKI on the streets with a much inconclusive battle???

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