Monday, June 7, 2010

Sharad Pawar- the most Unwel-come Minister

Now the IPL wrath on Pawar, pray he should go for the good of the cricket and Indian Agriculture, as the man has virtually spoiled the work-culture and made the corruption a rampant practice in Ministry and ICAR system. From ground zero to the apex body ICAR and SAUs gone corrupt and inefficient during his 2 tenures and the appeasement become the rule of the day.

No cognition of talent and if you are ready to bribe some Rs 15- 20 lacs to the Ministers and VC then you are welcome to the corrupt and lethargic, unproductive world of farm scientists..
Since the new DG, ICAR Dr Ayyappan has got over the reign of the apex body, it is fully hijacked by the Ministry and almost a gag order has been imposed upon the organisation. Even the ministry ordeal/ fatwa has been posted on the top of the ICAR's web (, re-minding that ICAR falls under the Dept of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, GOI. It is well known that Mr Pawar owns half of the Maharashtra's sugar mills and vine-yards, and whatever scheme/plan money trickles down it goes to the home sweet home.

Even people not able to speak up properly are now holding the seats of Asst Professors in many of the Universities and clearing NET is not a big thing. Here, I don't like to mention the names of the persons or, Universities but I can say in shame that Mr. Pawar is the most corrupt Agri Minister India ever had.

UPA have to come hard on him and dare to expel/ suspend him with taking the confidence of other partners on the grievous charges of corruption, diverting & mis-utilizing the funds for personal gains, polluting the brains, brain-washing the naive scientists, promoting corporatization of agriculture without a thought of the local situations, overtaking the rights of an autonomous organization for his personal nefarious gains etc.

We understand it's the coalition compulsion, but the novel profession of agriculture and the dependent people can not be put on the alter as it's not some-one's personal asset.

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