Friday, May 14, 2010

Untruth in Parliament Report!!!

If the parliament is supreme in Indian democracy then the report placed on the table by the people’s representatives as honorable ministers should be authentic, unquestionable and indisputable. However an incisive analysis by P. Sainath 'How to be an eligible suicide?' in the Hindu 14-5-10 reveals how the figures on farmers's suicides are twisted by the ministers the Union Agriculture Minister and the State CM of Maharshtra. It is shocking that the Union Agriculture Minister reports the lowest death of only six unbelievable in Vidarbha region from where he hails, against the high number reeled out by the CM.
Every learned citizen knows that the data generated by the National Crime Records Bureau is authentic and reliable. Then how a responsible minister misleads the parliament, with only six suicides as against 343 since January 2010 as per CM of the State. Even in the case of population under below poverty line BPL different committees arrived at different figures. The credibility of not only the minister but the parliament is apparently lost as the public is losing confidence. When the cohesiveness of the ministry is in shambles and PM has to pull up the erring minister often what lese can be expected except untruth!

Retd Director CPCRI & Chief Regional Bureau Agriculture Today

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